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Born from its staff long experience in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical sectors and conceived initially as a single engineering and consulting service, ED SOLVING has grown up quickly , with the primary target of guaranteeing a complete portfolio of packaged solutions and engineering services for its customers.
ED-SOLVING can act as System Integrator, supplying process/mechanical packages, including any necessary Electrical/Instrumentation/Automation solution, meeting both the End User and Customer specifications, starting from the proposal stage up to the final delivery.

The main sectors in which we operate are:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mechanical Industry
  • Food & Beverage
EDSolving's main business objective consists of acquiring and maintaining a solid relationship with customers. Partnering with us means we do our utmost to find efficient, cost-effective and advantageous solutions for our customers. In so doing, we bear in mind the following:
  • All projects, whether small or huge, are identical in importance, quality and delivery.
  • Our Mission is to become a Customer Partner, not just simple suppliers.
  • Customer satisfaction is not a goal, but the main motivation to improve more and more
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